Gun Fight


Game Name: Gun Fight

Manufacturer: Taito / Midway / Nutting Associates

Year of development: 1975

Category: Shooter

Hardware Platform Info:

  • Intel 8080 CPU to 1.9968Mhz
  • Monochrome monitor 256x224 pixels resolution

Main developers: Tomohiro Nishikado, Dave Nutting / Tom McHugh

Music Composers: N/A


History of development:

In 1975 Taito and Midway had an agreement whereby Taito distributed their games and Midway's in Japan and Europe, and Midway did the same in North America.

Actually, Gun Fight is a port of the game Western Gun, which was initially developed in discrete logic by Tomohiro Nishikado (Taito) and later licensed to Midway for distribution in North America. Midway commissioned the port from Nutting Associates, which had some experience in developing microprocessor-controlled pinballs. The new platform was developed using an Intel 8080 to 1.9968Mhz processor. This video game became the first to use a microprocessor.

This fact revolutionized the way of developing video games, which went from being systems mainly developed by hardware engineers to being products mainly based on software.

General description of the game:

The theme of the game involves two Old West cowboys armed with revolvers and squaring off in a duel. It is a game for two players and there is no possibility to play against the machine. Time and ammunition are limited and the winner is the one who succeeds in hitting the opposite more times. During the course of the duel, various elements appear between the two that can intercept the shots of the players.


Apart from being the first video game to use a microprocessor, it was also the first to use human figures for the characters. The game has two different joysticks: one to control the position of our character and the other, as a pistol grip (with trigger included) is used to aim and shoot.

The tune that sounds when a character dies appears in the 1978 song "Computer Game" by Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The game has a couple of stereo audio channels. Each player uses one of the channels.



Information about the location and purchase by Arcade Vintage:

Acquired by José Mª Litarte on May 4, 2015 from Phil "Philmurr" at JammaPlus in Basingstoke (England). Dave, in his van, was in charge of bringing it to our association from there.

Information about the process of restoration or repairs carried out:

Ricardo Fernandez-Vega took care of the entire restoration, having to repair the game board, monitor and control panel.

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