Game Name: Breakout        

Manufacturer: Atari

Year of development: 1975

Category: Brick break

Hardware Platform Info:

  • Atari Discrete Logic Hardware
  • Designed with discrete components

Main developers: Nolan Bushnell, Steve Bristow, Al Alcorn, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak

Music Composers: N/A


History of development:

After Pong's popularity, Atari thought about how to develop a game from it, replacing some of the problems it had. Pong needed two players, and Breakout's ingenious design meant that, with very similar hardware, a single player could use the machine.

Finally, replacing one of the players with a brick wall and turning the screen 90 degrees, a new game was obtained.

General description of the game:

“Rotated" version of Pong for a player in which we have to finish with a brick wall that disappears when it is hit. The ball gains speed the more bricks we break. The platform with which we return the ball, progressively reduces its size.


Steve Jobs was in charge of reducing the number of chips on the board to save manufacturing costs. He was offered a $100 bonus for each chip removed. Jobs went to his friend Wozniak, who worked at HP at the time, and suggested that if he helped him with the job, he would give him half of a supposed $1,500 bonus. Wozniak reduced the number of chips so much that the real bonus was $5,000. Jobs gave his friend the $750 initially agreed and kept the rest.

Breakout was the germ of a new type of game, the brick break. The best known of which is Arkanoid.



Information about the location and purchase by Arcade Vintage:

Acquired by our partner José Mª Litarte in Antwerp, Belgium in September 2015. Dave took care of the transportation to our association.

Information about the restoration process or repairs carried out:

Restoration carried out by Ricardo Fernández-Vega. The machine had been modified to house another game. It was necessary to restore the original wiring, the rails of the plate, install new potentiometers in the spinner and restore several breakdowns of the plate.

Pending repairs or restorations:

Currently the plate installed is from Ricardo Fernandez-Vega because the machine does not work and is awaiting repair.

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