Game name: Commando

Manufacturer: Capcom/Data East

Year of development: 1985

Category: Shooter

Hardware Platform Info:

  • Known as 'Capcom Commando Hardware' and also used in other titles such as 1943, 1943 Kai, Black Tiger/Black Dragon, Gun Smoke and Side Arms.
  • Main CPU Z80 @ 4Mhz
  • Z80 Sound CPU @ 3Mhz
  • Sound chip: 2 x YM2203 @ 1.5Mhz

Main developer: Tokuro Fujiwara (director)

Music Composers: Tamayo Kawamoto


General description of the game:

This is a single-player title, with vertical scrolling and zenithal vision, in which we play a guerrilla who, alone, faces a whole army of enemies armed to the teeth. We will be overcoming scenarios with increasing difficulty, at the end of each of which we must go through a scene in which we must end the avalanches of enemies that attack us. The game is loaded with non-stop action. Music becomes an essential part of the game.


The original title was Senjou No Ookami, which translated would be 'Wolf of the Battlefield', but it wasn't considered commercial enough and a much more attractive name was chosen, based on Schwarzenegger's well-known film, released that same year.

Our main character is called Super Joe.



Information about the location and purchase by Arcade Vintage:

Acquired by José Litarte in January 2017 from his friend Kevin Pitt in Brighton (England), and formerly from Stefan, near Hannover (Germany). Dave "smuggler" took care of the transportation from Brighton to our headquarters, in Petrer (Spain).

Information about the restoration process or repairs carried out:

Restoration carried out in 2017 by Rafael Alonso and Ricardo Fernández-Vega. The machine lacked a monitor, but it did contain all its wiring and power supply. A small modification was made to the wiring to adapt a 20-inch television as a monitor. It was cleaned and, after some retouches and adjustments, it was fully operational again.

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