Omega Race


Game Name: Omega Race

Manufacturer: Midway

Year of development: 1981

Category: Shooter

Hardware Platform Info:

  • Main CPU Z80@3Mhz
  • Z80@1Mhz Sound CPU
  • Sound chip: 2 AY38910 sound chips with 2K ROM associated
  • 3Kb RAM for program, 256x4-bit NVRAM
  • Video Resolution: Uses a monochrome vector monitor like the one used in Asteroids.
  • It uses 4Kb of ROM to store the vector graphics and 4Kb of RAM for the vector image.

Main developer: Ron Halliburton


History of development:

The idea of Omega Race arose from an idea that the developers made from an Asteroids machine. They put adhesive tape on top of the monitor to simulate a racing circuit and tried to go around it as fast as possible, avoiding the asteroids. There are differences from Asteroids, such as when you go out on one side of the screen you don't appear on the other, or that the score information appears in a box in the middle of the screen.

Game Overview:

This adventure takes place in 2003, at that time considered the future. We run a ship which is being trained to repel alien attacks. The action takes place in a delimited area and our ship bounces every time it hits any of the margins. Mines, enemy ships and a kind of ring, make this arcade a unique experience in relation to the rest of its category. The command panel consists of a rotary control, spinner, to go from left to right and two buttons, shooting and advance.


The machine available in Arcade Vintage, original American upright version, is the only one that is currently in Spain. Four versions were made, upright, cabaret (reduced model), cocktail or table and sit-down, cabin closed from above with a seat.

It was the only vector game developed by Midway.



Information about the location and purchase by Arcade Vintage:

Acquired by José Mª Litarte in November 2017 from his friend Kevin Pitt, the machine was at his home in Almería (Spain). Previously he acquired it in the ukvac forum called "Ravage". Dave "smuggler" took care of the transportation to the Association.

Information about the restoration process or repairs carried out:

The machine had monitor problems, since one of the resistors was in bad condition. The chassis of the monitor was changed.

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